Serving the Rocky Mountain Region and More

AIRLIFE Denver is the Emergency Medical and Critical Care Transport Service of the HealthONE system. AIRLIFE Denver provides air and ground critical care transport for both adult and pediatric patients in an eight-state region including Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico and South Dakota

Established in 1983, AIRLIFE Denver has been serving the metro Denver area and region for 32 years, completing more than 42,400 missions. Each transport team includes two nurses who each have a minimum of five years emergency medicine and critical care experience.

AIRLIFE Denver’s commitment to patient care and quality is second only to its emphasis on safety. Unique and proven safety upgrades include custom aircraft design, the use of Night Vision Goggles, Global Positioning Systems, Terrain Avoidance Warning Systems and state-of the art weather reporting.

With more than 2,400 transports a year, AIRLIFE Denver is one of the largest and busiest medical transport programs in the region providing service 24 hours a day.